rock you like a hurricane - Blaine Hummel
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rock you like a hurricane

As Hurricane Harvey ravishes the Texas Gulf Coast, there is no doubt Mother Nature is a bad motherfucker. The swirling winds are terrifying and the rain continues to fall. I know the worst is yet to come in Houston. We are expected to have several more days of rain and flooding is already starting to occur. I’d like to take this time during the calm within the storm to ask for thoughtful reflection from anyone reading this.

Many of us suffer from the plague of perfectionism. For most of my life, I never took any sort of risk simply for fear of failing. Over the last few years, after being pounded mercilessly by the Universe, I learned that failure is not only a part of life, but a critical and necessary component for growth. I had been failing all the time, I was just unwilling to accept the failure because it felt like a threat to the core of my persona.

As part and parcel of my perfectionism, I have sought control over all aspects of my existence. I often labor under the misguided assumption that I can control events or outcomes. But, the truth is, this control is a myth and only a symptom of my disease. There is nothing like a category 4 hurricane staring you down the barrel of a gun to destroy this illusion. As I sit here hunkered down on the couch, I recognize the chaos of the storm can bring out the best in us, despite the havoc it wreaks.   I realize nothing matters more than the safety of my family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens of this great planet. In a time where I have felt enormous anxiety over the social and political climate, Harvey is an opportunity for a great reminder of our common humanity.

When the storm and its after effects become politicized, which unfortunately is inevitable, I ask you to focus on the real message here. Sometimes, the perfect storm is necessary to wash away our sins and refocus our attention on what really matters. We aren’t in control. Our lives are fleeting and can be taken from us at a moment’s notice.   Property is replaceable, but lives and relationships are priceless. So, take the time right now to love and support your friends, family and community, even if Harvey does not directly affect you. There are undoubtedly other storms in your life providing you the same opportunity. Namaste.

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