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Closing Time

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…”

Closing Time, Semisonic (1998)

This line from an unremarkable late 90s tune has been on a loop in my head all day. At a little after 5 pm, I walked out of the door of my office with 5 boxes and an overwhelming conviction I was finally embarking on my true path. I spent nearly one-quarter of my life in this office. 11 years. One birth of a child. Two marriages. Two divorces. 63 pounds lost. 42 pounds regained. A roller coaster of ups and downs for sure. There are many other numbers I could use to define my career. Wins, losses, dollars, cents. The list goes on. But, ultimately, to me, the metric for measuring success in the workplace really comes down to one thing: the impact you had on the lives of others. The iteration of my practice as an attorney was far afield from where I wanted to be – helping others maximize their potential and find true purpose in all aspects of their lives..

I couldn’t have asked for a better work environment. I had a great boss, awesome coworkers, a nice salary, benefits, and on and on. Yet, the call of my soul was greater than all of these factors combined. On Friday, the firm had a lunch for me. Someone asked if I was having any regrets. My immediate response – not one. I’m a big believer the Universe conspires to point us in the direction we are meant to take and it is up to us to heed the call. Today, when I was at lunch and the reality of the situation hit me, I looked down and found a lucky penny on the ground. When I left the office for the last time and walked to my car, I was once again struck by the finality of my decision. I looked down and there was a new, shiny penny on the ground. This was not a coincidence. The Universe was providing its two cents on my decision.

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